Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catching Up.

I've been pretty busy with school, work and other activities to keep up with the internet sensation known as blogging.  A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks that I should take note on. 

1.  Recently (Saturday) Thomas, the weekday male anchor, let me borrow his Panasonic DVX100a, for personal use. Right when I first turned the camera, I fell in love. The whole 24p setting the camera offers is amazing.  I shot mainly skateboarding related video. I have been working on a video for the past 3 years, and finally have a release date. May 16th "Molly Whoop'd" is getting dropped. Also expect some short films in the future.

2. School has been pretty good so far this semester. I enjoy all of my classes, especially my English class.  That has been a surprising to me because I usually always hate my english classes. I even finished a paper for that class a week and half early... All of my other classes are decent.

3.  Last Tuesday I went to a local watering hole with a few coworkers after work.  All I have to say is, don't take bar shots. Nothing but gnarlyness. I did make a good $14 though. 

4.  I'm in my second semester in Sign Language and have yet to use my skills in the real world. That is until last sunday. I was skating at a local wal-greens when a homeless black male approached me and my friends. Usually I just tell them to go away because they just want money, but this guy was different. He held a sign that read "$3 Taco Bell." At first I wasn't sure what to think of this, until I realized that he was deaf. I quickly asked him (in Sign) if he was deaf and he quickly responded "yes" and started signing to be very fast.  I quickly to the man that I was just learning sign, so he needs to slow down and maybe finger spell some words.  After a few minutes I made a new friend, Dwight. Dwight and I had a conversation  about skateboarding, and that good money is made in construction. I was more than happy to give the man money, not because he was deaf  but because we actually had a conversation that a normal pedestrian/transit would have.  Soon we parted ways. I was really excited to have shared that experience.

5. Sadly, I haven't been taking as much pictures as I would like to, but I will leave with this,
 this, and this.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Its been a while

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There hasn't been a whole lot going on with me other than school. I have a very busy semester ahead of me. I will be taking roughly 17 units and working 30 plus hours a week. My classes consist of: Sign Language 2 (which is a very, very early class.. 7:30) Communications, English (my class required English class) Drumming, and Math..

This past weekend was pretty fun. I went to a party and I got to see my roommate drunk off his ass. Something I have yet to see. He hasn't drank in a month; but Saturday night he went out with style. We tricked a friend of mine that it was his first time ever drinking. With that said, drank a fair amount of Jack Daniels. Everyone seemed to be amazed, calling him a "Natural Drinker."

After that party got shut down by the police, we went to another house for some more drunken fun. On our way to the next house, we had to make a quick stop to pick up some booze. By this time my roommate was drunk. The store was closed but you could still pick up items from the window. The lady asked what we wanted, and we told he a 12 pack of Pabst. In confusion she came back with a 40 ounce of King Cobra.. A real shitty beer. Al (my roommate) didn't hesitate and immediately asked for 7.... 7..... After that we headed to the party, were he got even more shitty. I won't say what happened with the rest of the night. I will say this is now in our possession.

Monday, January 14, 2008


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"Almost Crimes"

Lately I have been having really strange, vivid and often terrifying dreams. I don't usually believe in "signs" or any of that nonsense, but they all seem to have very similar themes. I woke up from a very short nap today in tears because of something that just seemed so real.

I was at my parents house about to leave for work and my step dad was screaming at my mother for no apparent reason. He started to scream at me, telling me I'm a fuck up and will never amount to anything. I told him "Fuck You" and he started throwing dishes in rage. He mentioned something about hurting my mother. I told him that if he ever laid a finger on my mother, it would be the end of him. he came running up onto me trying to attack me. It was very easy for me to hold him back, but I kept hearing my mom screaming in the background at us to stop. The dream then went to holding my mom crying telling her that she deserves so much better.

I quickly woke up to this in tears. I never, ever want to see my mom crying like she did in my dream ever. She never had an easy life. There are so many things that I can write about that have changed her life for the worse, but I choose not to, for it would only upset me and put me in a horrible mood.

I wish everything was better for you mom. I really do.

As for my step dad. He does have an anger problem, but has never touched my mother or myself. I know deep down he is a good person, but its those kinds of dreams that make me forget...

I feel weird about posting this, but I feel it is somewhat necessary. I have been in a weird mood lately and I think posting this will help me get over it..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

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"poupee de cire, poupee de son"

The past few days I have been going to work 4 hours earlier just so I can get some experience behind the camera. I'm not getting paid for those hours, but in the end I think it will be worth it. On Friday I was actually given my first assignment. My job was to go out and shoot first weather for our newscast.

Soon I was off. I went with Jordan our reporter Jamie down to city hall. While they went off to interview some guy about some rail-yard business, I went across the street to shoot weather at a park. Everything went well until I was leaving.... As I was having trouble with a tripod, this bum ran up to me and started telling me that I was filming him and asking who I was all aggressive like. I don't have a badge like all the other photogs since I'm only a production assistant, so I don't really look legit (although I have a $20,000) camera around my neck. Since I'm all new to the whole business of things I showed him a different work I.D. he quickly snatched that from my hand and ran off with it.


I didn't really know what to do, So I headed back city hall to meet up with Jordan and Jamie. Later on we went and ate over at Paesano's and then to grab a SOT and VO of a local bar that got broken into. Afterwards we went to a gas station so I can get some VO of a gas prices and whatnot. Immediately as I got out of the car, this bum came straight towards me and started talking his nonsense to me. I look back to the jeep and all I see is Jamie and Jordan laughing at me. What the hell is with with bums and me? I now have the nickname "Bum Whisperer"


Thanks Jordan...

Today I went out skating with a bunch of friends and took some photos (film). Hopefully I can go to a darkroom soon and develop them.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tubular Tuesday

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"All in the Family"

Lately I have been listening to a bunch of music that I used to in middle/high school. Bands that I would be ashamed to admit that I used to listen... But fuck those peo
ple.. This brings be back to....The good ol'e times??? I guess you can say that... I have been listening to Blink 182, Korn, Eminem and a few other "great" 90's bands/artists. Sometimes people just need a retreat, vacation or even a blast from the past.

Today consisted of figuring out what is wrong with my car and finding out that I don't have the
funds to pay for the tune-up it so desperately needs. I should be able to take care of it next week when I get paid. Speaking of getting paid, I think I should ask for a raise. It's something that I think is due.

Nothing really interesting took place today. Before I went to work I went to my parents to eat like I usually do. Laid in bed, lounged on the bed a watched "Hackers". "Hackers" is a great nerd/geek movie by people who think they know how to relate to nerd/geeks all over the world. Of course you have Angelina Jolie as the sexy hacker that goes by the name Acid Burn. And some other guy who
reminds a lot of that Dawson's creek guy. He plays Crash Override, the hero. I'm not going to get into the movie much, I just want to say a few things this movie made me.

1. The movie consisted of many underage characters lighting up a "stog" (as my friend Phil would like to call them) and puff away. I'm not big on the whole smoking thing; although I will admit that I have a cigarette every now and then (more so when I have been drinking). But watching a 106 minute long movie of kids smoking is not my thing.

2. Horny.. All I need to say is Angelina Jolie.. You get the picture.

3. Really glad I didn't dress they way the characters did in the movie.

4. Wonder what the hell is the deal with Matthew Lillard. He always plays some weird guy in movies (Except Scream, where he was the weird killer). In this movie he was the stupid genius. The kid with no common sense but knows everything you need to know to hack into NASA. In a movie starring Freddy Prince JR, I forgot the title of; he plays some weird guy who was on the Real World... Then you have Scooby Doo. Nothing more needs to be said.

5. Horny... Again, Angelina Jolie.

Soon after the movie I was off to work.

Nothing really exciting today. After about 3 hours of editing, I decided to walk around the complex and take a few photos.

This is the microwave room. I wish there was a girl sitting and watching t.v. in this picture. It sure would make it creepy.
I made this say "poop" once...

And this photo is just weird.

After work I met up with my friend Christina so help her with somethings. We haven't seen each other since the time she threw up in my car after drinking a bottle of Captain Morgan with her friend. Yeah, I'm calling you out on puking in my car... But you know I love you.. That incident was little before Christmas, so she was never able to give me the Christmas present she got me. Until now....

A Flask.... This will come in handy... Oh yes!!!! Thank you Christina.

Soon after I went and got myself some food and now here I am.

Tomorrow I will be going out with one of the photographers from the stations. Hopefully Chris or Jordan... Those guys are the one's who are I tend to have the most fun with. But they both kind of remind me of these guys.

Monday, January 7, 2008

School Situation

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"Music is My Hot Hot Sex"

I'm not very happy with what happen today at school. A few weeks ago I filled for the B.O.G. fee wavier to pay for all of my classes. After the long and confusing form application I finally completed it with.....I was approved... Sweet. All I have to do is bring a small form to school and I'm set.

I'm a full time college student. Living on my own (I do have roommates) and a close to full time employee. For anyone who has or is in the same situation I am now.. You its barely making it each month with bills and everything. So being approved for this wavier was something I was happy about.

Today was the first day that school was open due to the holiday's and what have you, so I decided to take care of everything. I get to school around 12:30.. It's packed. The line for the financial aid is horrendous. I get in line.. And I wait...and wait...and wait some more. About a half an hour goes by and I am finally able to go up to the window and speak with the financial aid lady. After a few minutes after reviewing my paper work.

I was denied.

What the fuck? I don't understand. I am denied? That doesn't make any sense. I don't make much money, yet a person who makes a lot more than I do, lives with their parents and drives a 2010 Hummer can get their classes waived? This shit is fucked. I left pretty pissed. I went back to my parents house to see what I can do about everything. After a talk with my mom and a few phone calls later, my uncle Larry offered the money. I am so thankful for that. I want to be done with City College so bad and more on with my life.

I really hate borrowing money. Really, I do. I just feel really... guilty.

By the time I got the check from my uncle in Elk Grove, it was time for work.

It was a pretty slow news day today. Nothing really exciting. After editing a bunch of stories, one of the photog's needed to get onto my edit bay to do a few minor adjustments to a package he edited earlier. While he did that, I watched the BCS College game. I'm not big on football. I never have. But recently I have been getting more and more into it. Not like those douchebag bro-bro's that go to sports bars and drink nothing but Jager. I think it is quality entertainment. After watching LSU dominate Ohio State, I got back to work... It was fairly boring today at work. Mike, the director said I can go home early at 10:30 (middle of broadcast) if there wasn't anything going on. And..well here I am now... Back at my house. This is another pointless blog, but like I said. I just want to do this so I can become a better writer.


Sunday, January 6, 2008